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All About Car Insurance Abroad: Tips and Things to Remember

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So, the decision has been made! Traveling, not by plane or train, but by car.

It gives a lot of additional opportunities, interesting sensations, and bright emotions. There are new ideas – “where you can jump to next.” You can find the best accommodation options right on the spot.

Before you hit the road, you need to take care of two things: an international driver’s license and car insurance. And if everything is obvious with the first paragraph, then there are many nuances in the second. That’s what we’re going to talk about.

Car insurance when going abroad

In foreign trips, a car’s insurance is issued under the Green Card system, which is valid for more than 40 countries (in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, CIS countries). Please note that the Green Card is issued only within the country where the vehicle is registered. You can arrange it in your city, but only 30 days before the trip, no sooner. The policy can also be issued in one of the carriages located in front of the border. The insurance is valid for 15 to 365 days.

In addition to the Green Card policy, you may need:

  1. Health insurance. It serves as one of the main documents when applying for a Schengen visa. It is important that the insurance policy includes all Schengen countries and has a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros.
  2. CASCO insurance. It can be issued for any country you are going to visit. There is no need to buy CASCO for trips to Russia. Most companies offer this insurance as an additional agreement that you need to enter into an existing insurance contract.

What do you get with Car Insurance Abroad?

Under the Green Card system, the policy is issued for the car, not the driver. Driving experience and accident-free do not affect the price of the policy. And also, the cost does not depend on the volume and power of the engine.

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Compensation for damages and harm occurs in the following cases:

  • A foreign car has been hit by your car;
  • Drivers or passengers of either party involved in the incident were injured;
  • Damage to third party property.

As a result of an unforeseen situation, the insured person is protected from the need to prove the absence of guilt and communicate in an unfamiliar language.

The procedure for the occurrence of an insurance case is standard:

  • Put an emergency stop sign. It is desirable to wear a reflective vest.
  • Call the police (number 112 in Europe) and if there are victims – ambulance.
  • Make a photo report from the scene.
  • Fill in the Documents of the European Protocol (Accident Statement). If it is not possible to do it, be sure to write down the car’s number and brand – the participant of the accident.
  • Notify the insurance company by phone on the back of the policy.
  • Show insurance to the police officers who come to the scene.
  • Give the second participant of the incident a separate part of the insurance or tell the insurance policy’s number.
  • Take a copy of the policy document confirming the incident.

If you doubt the documents’ interpretation, either try to clarify its meaning with an interpreter’s help or do not sign the document.

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Naturally, the question arises: is it possible to drive without insurance? Answer: you can, but until the first check of documents by the police, you can be issued a fine of 1000 euros. And it can happen right during the border crossing.

How to get Car Insurance for travel?

Not all insurance companies provide a Green Card service – check the site or check by phone before your visit. The selection can be guided by the list of insurers operating under the Green Card system, which includes the following companies as of May 2018:

  • AlphaInsurance. The company offers a variety of types of insurance for individuals, in particular, life insurance. It is one of eight companies licensed to issue Green Card policies. Today, AlphaInsurance is the leader in auto insurance.
  • Twenty-first century. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, of which 15 years is engaged in Green Card policies. It has many branches in which you can quickly issue a policy and pay most comfortably.
  • RESO-Garantia. The first place in the company is occupied by car insurance, including Green Card policies registration. You can find out the cost of the Green Card on its website, just using the built-in service.
  • “UK “Consent” LTD. The organization was founded in 1993. To this day, “Consent” deserves trust and respect due to its impeccable reputation and high-quality work. The company offers a Green Card for car owners among a variety of types of insurance.
  • ERGO. The insurance company entered in 1990. ERGO is a pioneer among private insurance companies and is reliable. It works with one of the global insurance market leaders, the German company Munich Re.
  • Spassky Gate. Founded in 1999. The company’s priority is to cooperate with large corporations. The Green Card policy service is available from January 1, 2018.

Don’t forget that the Green Card policy can be issued no earlier than 30 days before starting the period of its operation. If you go abroad from afar – you can just visit a large city on the way, located near the border, and make a policy in it.

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When the insurance company is selected – take the documents and write an application for car insurance. Pre-check that your written name in your driver’s license coincides with your written name in your passport. If this is not the case, it is better to apply to the traffic police and replace the national driver’s license. This procedure can be combined with obtaining an international driver’s license. You can fill out the online application form on the site, make an online payment, and then pick up the finished policy in the company office.

Documents for the green card:

  • Passport (registration certificate) for the car;
  • The passport of the car owner;
  • Driver’s license.

The policy document set contains four sheets. The insurer is given the first three, and in the event of an incident, the second sheet is handed over to the police.

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The first page contains information about:

  • The duration of the policy.
  • State car number;
  • Categories;
  • Car brand and model;
  • Insurer and the owner of the car.

The requirement for all policies: the spelling of the name of the owner and the car’s insurer in the insurance should coincide with that specified in the passport.

The cost of insurance depends on the mode of transport, the period of operation of the policy, and the country. Tariffs are adjusted once a quarter by the exchange rate.

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For CIS countries, car insurance will cost less than for Europe. The policy is issued for 15 days minimum and has several fixed values. Even if you go for a week – the policy will be issued for 15 days. For a 16-day trip, you need to take a policy for a month. Consider this when planning your trip.