All About Insurance in Germany

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Germany is one of 26 EU countries frequented by travelers for tourism, treatment, leisure, business meetings, and relatives and friends’ visits. The Schengen area also includes Germany, so all insurance requirements for obtaining a visa to this country are maintained.

And most importantly – insurance for travel to Germany is a mandatory document. The absence of a tourist policy is perceived by the embassy or visa center as a violation of German law. It will cause the denial of entry permits not only to Germany but also to other Schengen countries.

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Insurance to travel to Germany

When going to Germany for any purpose, purchasing a health insurance policy applies to all adults without exception. Health insurance for travel to Germany is mandatory for children as well. The availability of the policy is necessary to issue any short-term Schengen visa. For some long-term, you’ll need insurance, too. And at the border, they can check the policy’s presence – whether it is available to those entering the country.

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The requirements that insurance must meet to travel to Germany are the same as in the entire territory covered by the Schengen Agreement:

  • Insurance for those traveling abroad (WPC) must be valid during the entire tour. The contract with many insurers can come into force only a few days after the registration. Therefore, when planning the start of the trip, this should not be forgotten. Staying in Germany with expired insurance can end in a fine, and in the case of insurance after the end of the insurance period, it also has high costs.
  • The effect of the health insurance purchased for the German “Schengen” should apply to all countries that have signed the agreement – the territory of insurance in the policy is specified “Schengen.”
  • The minimum insurance coverage is set – it is equal to 30,000 euros. Many insurance companies offer this insurance limit or a little more for basic packages – from 35,000 euros.
  • The policy should not have a deductible, that is, the amount covered not by the insurance company (UK) but by the insured.

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Copies of the insurance contract and the printed policy should be with you during the whole voyage. If there is an insurance case, it will be necessary to inform the service company’s operator, also naming the policy number. According to the agreement, the visitor will be provided with the necessary medical care in Germany’s clinics, the health care system of which is deservedly considered one of the best.

Health insurance in Germany

In Germany, a high level of medicine affects the prices so that independent treatment will be costly – the amount of which can easily reach tens of thousands of euros. And health insurance in Germany will help travelers avoid many costs and organizational problems.

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You should buy at least a minimum (basic) health insurance, which is covered by:

  • Treatment (ambulatory or in hospital).
  • Delivery (to doctors or hospitals and clinics).
  • Costs for prescribed drugs.
  • Transportation to your country.
  • Phone communication with the service.
  • Repatriation (in case of death).

The standard policy can be expanded by adding “active rest.” At the same time, we will have to specify what kind of sports travelers think to do. The list of popular activities in Germany includes swimming, mountaineering, skiing, and fishing. Tourists can receive a refusal from the insurance company to reimburse the costs of any accident not provided for by these expansions – perfectly legal of them to do so.

Insurance can be chosen from several types: medical, for students, working, for outdoor activities, or for non-exit. Students in Germany need to choose insurance based on a particular university or other educational institution’s requirement. And if the purpose of the trip is medical tourism, then documented evidence of sufficient funds available to pay for treatment in Germany will be required. The insurance against non-exit compensates for the cost of tickets and travel if the traveler for some serious reasons suddenly has to abandon the tour – it is necessary at contract registration to find out a list of reasons to request a refund.

Insurance for travel to Germany by car

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Motorists, if you want to travel in your own car, you will need several documents:

  • Passport
  • Entry permit (for Germany – visa – “Schengen”),
  • Driver’s license,
  • Documents for your own transport,
  • Car insurance when going abroad.

When making a Schengen visa, the car owner should take care of car insurance in Germany. It is necessary to issue a “Green Card”, an insurance system uniting 48 countries including Germany. It is better to contact any large car insurance company for the Green Card. It is preferable to do this early, even when planning a trip, so that by the time it starts, all documents (both insurance and visa) are ready and received on hand. The optimal period for purchasing car insurance before the trip is 30 days.

To draw up a contract, you need to apply to the UK with a technical passport of your own vehicle, a passport, and a driver’s license of the car owner. You can buy a Green Card online to save money and time, but you will need to pick it up in the UK office or, if the company has couriers, you will be able to deliver the original document to your home. The Green Card cost will take into account the type of car (vehicle), the planned departure date (in days – from 15 to a year), and the country where you will go by car.

How much does insurance cost to travel to Germany?

The amount for which you can buy a policy is determined by:

  • Chosen by the insurance company,
  • The number and age of travelers,
  • Amount of coverage (insurance limit),
  • The number of options included in the policy,
  • The duration of the tour.

For basic health insurance of the VDR, the minimum coverage is 35,000 euros per service.

Often the price depends on a specific set of options – even in the basic package, they can be different from different insurers. Therefore, you should choose carefully, checking the risks covered by insurance and getting acquainted with the reviews about the assistant companies’ work – service companies that organize the provision of insurance services abroad.

Get insurance in Germany

You must apply for a visa with purchased insurance. Therefore, having outlined a tour abroad, you need to think about its design. It is easy to get insurance in Germany on your own – it is done through the Internet and will be less expensive for the family budget. And it’s going to take less time. The purchased policy, received from the UK by email, will have to be printed. It is desirable to make a copy, and then on the trip to keep it with you, so as not to look for a long time in case of contacting the phone operator of the company-assistor, and to inform him not only about the occurrence of the insurance situation but also the number of the policy.

Plus, online purchase of insurance is the opportunity to evaluate many insurers’ offers and compare them on a large number of Internet sites. You can also see reviews for the decision. And also – to visit the insurers’ own websites and carefully examine their offers.

The company’s agent will carry out another option to buy insurance – to visit the UK’s office, and then do the registration of the policy. And travelers who want to enter even easier can apply to a travel agency, where they will be issued a package tour with a standard package of documents, including visa and insurance – all will be in the price of the “package.” But at the same time, you will not be able to choose an insurer at will.

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