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Health Insurance to Travel Abroad: Everything you Need to Know

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When the holiday period comes, many of us make trips to hot countries. Most of us face the choice of travel insurance.

It is possible to do without it, but in some countries, the obligatory condition for the entry of a tourist into the country is the presence of health insurance. And no one wants to overshadow their trip with great expenses in connection with forced treatment abroad. Also, health insurance guarantees that you will get all the necessary professional help in case of a fracture, illness, or something more serious.

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Types of health insurance

As a rule, tourists have two options for traveling abroad: to take a ready-made package when buying a tour in a travel agency, or to buy independently.

Offers of travel companies can affect your choice of travel insurance. Usually, it is a minimum basic package of health insurance services, which does not consider the traveler’s individual needs and does not cover all risks in the event of bankruptcy of the tour operator.

It should be noted that tourists of different age categories and different levels of health will be different. Highlights are:

  • Adult tourists

This type of holidaymaker is often provided a classic type of health insurance, which covers medical expenses caused by an insurance case. An insurance case refers to a sudden illness in the host country.

  • Children

The choice of travel insurance and insurance companies, which will insure the baby up to a year, is minimal. The cost of health insurance per child from 1 to 3 years (and in some companies up to 6-7 years) will be much higher than standard insurance for an adult. For older people, the cost of insurance will be the same as for an adult.

There are two options for children’s health insurance. In the first case, you can include the child in your policy. In the second case, you can buy separate insurance for the child.

If you plan to travel with children, take care of such an important item in the insurance contract as the possibility of returning the child home without parents. Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon. It is better to think ahead about the safety of your children.

  • Pregnant women

Unfortunately, pregnant women need to purchase individual health insurance, as their interesting situation is not an insurance case.

Also, both insurance companies and airlines have several restrictions for pregnant women. And each company can have its own set of certain norms. For example, the insurance company “Uralsib” provides policies to women with a gestation period of up to 12 weeks. Liberty insures pregnant women up to 24 weeks and ERV up to 31 weeks. At the earliest with only up to 8 weeks to insure is “AlphaInsurance.”

In many countries, pregnant women are provided with free medical care only if a health policy covers all costs.

  • The elderly

People over the age of 65 will be significantly more expensive to have insurance because they are at particular risk. In this case, additional services for this age category are added to the insurance contract.

What’s covered?

Health insurance for tourists can cover various risks of insurance cases. Let’s see what the insurance covers:

  • Call and doctor’s consultation;
  • Urgent diagnostic and treatment interventions;
  • Medications prescribed by a doctor;
  • Transportation to the doctor;
  • Emergency dental care;
  • Communications costs;
  • Repatriation.

Emergency care is usually included in standard (basic) health insurance. It is worth noting that this type of insurance does not cover the costs:

  • Chronic, gynecological, cancer and mental illness,
  • To treat allergies,
  • To treat skin burns,
  • A regular visit to the dentist,
  • Alcohol poisoning and injuries resulting from alcohol and any prohibited drugs.

Extreme sports and incidents caused by the management of any mode of transport are also not covered by standard insurance, as they are a means of increased danger. This means that you are deliberately putting yourself at risk. To receive payments from the insurance company, you need to issue an extended insurance policy.

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It may also include:

  • Accident insurance;
  • Travel insurance (when sudden circumstances prevent you from traveling abroad, and you will need to document the cause to obtain reimbursement);
  • Flight delays;
  • Civil liability insurance (insurance company will compensate for damages you have caused to a third party);
  • Baggage insurance;
  • Search and rescue activities and helicopter evacuations (relevant in the case of extreme sports selection);
  • The services of an interpreter;
  • Legal aid;
  • Visiting relatives in a medical institution.

The insurance company ERV for a fee includes medical insurance assistance in the presence of alcohol intoxication.


Regardless of where and from whom it is received, the standard policy does not provide for the full coverage of all treatment costs. As a rule, only the minimum insurance coverage is established by a country. If the cost of treatment exceeds this amount, the rest of it is paid by the tourist independently.

In Turkey and Egypt, where the need for tourist insurance is not legally enshrined, the recommended amount of coverage is $15,000. For most European countries, the minimum amount is 30,000 euros. For America and Japan, $ 50,000, and in some countries, this amount reaches $80,000.

How much does insurance cost, and what does the price depend on?

The choice of travel insurance depends on various factors:

  1. The host country. The more exotic the country, the more expensive the insurance;
  2. The age of the traveler. As we have already said, the cost of child insurance for older people will be higher;
  3. The cost of medical services in the country;
  4. The price of insurance also depends on the duration of the insurance. The longer the term, the higher the cost of the insurance policy;
  5. Kind of rest. The more active and extreme your holiday, the more expensive the cost of insurance;
  6. The amount of insurance coverage;
  7. Additional options;
  8. Insurance deductible. One of the most insidious points of the insurance contract, which usually no one pays attention to.

A deductible is an amount the insurance company has the right not to reimburse. How does it work? For example, you accidentally cut your leg. Calling a doctor costs you $30. If your insurance has a deductible of $30, you have to pay out of pocket because this is how much the insurer is exempt from damages. Deductible insurance is cheaper. But the question is, how “cheap” will it cost you for such insurance?

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As you can see, do not underestimate the procedure of registration of health insurance for going abroad. Your health and the quality of your holiday depends on it. Always carefully study the terms of the insurance agreement and choose the type of insurance suitable for your holiday.

Do not self-medicate as you risk being left without insurance. Start medical activities and procedures only after you have notified your insurance company. Keep all paychecks for medical services. Otherwise, you may also be left without insurance.

Buy a policy in advance. In all companies, the health insurance policy traditionally comes into effect a few days after purchase.

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