Insurance in Bulgaria: Everything You Should Know

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Bulgaria is one of the countries for which you need a visa to visit. The list of documents required to obtain it includes health insurance for travel to Bulgaria for each of the travelers, including minor children.

If you plan a trip and get a visa yourself, the insurance policy can be bought together. You will choose your own insurance to suit your needs, and no one will be able to impose unnecessary options. We will tell you below what options should be included and what to pay attention to when choosing to ensure that insurance is really your assistant, rather than a formality for obtaining a visa.

If you do not organize the trip yourself and buy a tour at the agency, basic insurance for travel to Bulgaria will be included in the package. But even in this case, it makes sense to ask whether it includes all the services you need to stay comfortable in any situation.

Why Is Health Insurance in Bulgaria Needed?

In addition to visa requirements, health insurance for travel to Bulgaria is a certainty that you will not stay with them alone in a foreign country in case of health problems but receive qualified medical care on time and in the right amount.

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Of course, Bulgaria is not among the exotic or potentially dangerous countries. But trivial toothache, climate change reaction or new food, dislocation, or banal SARS can thoroughly spoil the trip and weigh on the wallet if you have to organize the treatment yourself. If we consider a foreign language and unfamiliar medical infrastructure, it becomes clear that travel insurance is not a formality, and it makes sense to approach the choice of policy responsibly, especially if you are accompanied by children, elderly relatives, or people with chronic diseases.

What kind of insurance do you need to buy to travel to Bulgaria?

Under the Bulgarian Consulate requirements, you need a health insurance policy valid in the country for the duration of the trip. The amount of coverage must be at least 30,000 euros for each person included in the policy.

The amount of coverage is the maximum amount of money that the insurer will pay for you in the event of an insurance case and within the options included in your policy. Basic insurance of 30 -35,000 euros covers the cost of calling a doctor, outpatient and inpatient treatment, reimbursement for negotiations with a service center and buying prescribed medicines, transporting a sick person by ambulance or other transport to a doctor or hospital, as well as transportation from abroad.

But to feel protected, it makes sense to choose an extended package: the basic may not include actual dentistry for you or addressing allergic reactions. To buy insurance for a trip to Bulgaria, covering the current risks for you, you need to analyze the health of all who go, plan ahead, and remember what problems most often arose in past travels.

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What are additional options?

Additional insurance options require chronic diseases, and pregnancy (please note that companies insure pregnant women before a certain period of time, and childbirth is not considered an insurance case).

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Fans of outdoor activities will need the option of “sports and active rest” Without it, the insurance company will not pay the costs of treatment of injury or illness received during riding a motorcycle, diving, or flying a parachute.

In addition to medical services, insurance companies offer such useful options as travel cancellation insurance, air travel, luggage, and travel by private car. It makes sense to add to your policy some accident insurance, which involves payment of treatment and payment of compensation.

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Cost of insurance

Once you have decided on a set of necessary options, you are faced with the next question – where to find the cheapest insurance to go to Bulgaria, guaranteeing quality assistance.

It is more convenient and cheaper to buy insurance online, for example, using integrators’ services, collecting offers from international companies, and displaying them on the same screen with the possibility of comparison.

When choosing an offer, it is important to focus not so much on the insurance company’s price or name – it only compensates the medical institutions of the host country’s costs. The assistant’s capabilities and reputation, as the company that will organize Bulgaria’s treatment, are critical. It is the assistant you will contact if you need the help of a doctor.

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Based on travelers’ feedback, the reliable assistants working in Bulgaria include Euro-Center Holding, Mondial, and Tripinsurance’s own assistant.

If you know a specific medical institution in Bulgaria, which, if anything, you would like to get, make sure to check the blacklist of the hospital’s assistants. This is especially true for insurances bought as part of package tours.

What to do if an insurance case has arrived?

The insurance company’s rule from any country provides for compensation of medical expenses only in case of a timely fixation of the insurance case. Therefore, if you need help or a doctor’s advice, the first thing you do is call the assisting service center printed in the policy. Assistants work around the clock, seven days a week, and the policy will indicate contacts of the local service or office in your homeland.

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Next, you’ll need to follow the operator’s instructions. If your policy involves service insurance, the assistant specialists themselves organize for your treatment, choose a hospital and deliver to it. The payment of treatment will take over the insurance. If you have chosen a compensation policy, you will have to pay for treatment on the spot, and after returning home, you will need to apply for compensation of expenses to the insurer. Payment will be made based on documents confirming an insurance case’s occurrence and the cost of treatment, so be sure to collect and keep all accounts, checks, and directions on official forms with seals.

If you have asked for help yourself without calling the service (for example, if you need help urgently), you will also need to provide the insurer with all the documents.

If you take into account the above tips, your health insurance will really be your custodian. We wish you good travels!

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