Insurance in Thailand: Everything you Need to Know

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For tourists’ insurance for a trip to Thailand – it’s an optional item and when presenting at the Thai customs, it is not necessary that their agents will even ask. But still, take care of health insurance.

Travelers who have been to the Kingdom of Thailand without insurance repeatedly go there. After all, the country draws visitors, not only for colorful entertainment and culture, but for the everyday things – water, climate, and food. It is unknown how your body will react to exotic threats that are unusual even to natives from the country’s northern regions. It’s easier for those who buy a travel agency ticket – health insurance for Thailand is always included. But when you go on your own, you need to think about your family, and the safety and health of your loved ones in advance.

What insurance to choose in Thailand?

With the question of whether insurance is needed for a trip to Thailand – we think so. When relaxing on the beach or going on an excursion, sunburn, trauma, and insect bites are pretty common. Together with possible poisoning or a cold, insurance becomes necessary. Before buying a policy, it is worth deciding where to buy the insurance and its best options. For example, pregnant women should have a special insurance program, and not all insurers provide it.

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If it is planned to “fry in the sun” and the main resting place will be beaches, then in the standard medical center, it is simply necessary to include the option of “sunburn.” This option in the standard set of health insurance does not provide any firm-insurer. It must be paid additionally. If you want to spend the vacation actively: ride a bike, jet ski, water skis, or climb on the mountains, the insurance in case of injuries should include the option of “active rest.” If there is a need for treatment, it will be paid for by the UK (insurance company). Conclusion: think ahead of your holiday and include in the standard policy protections against all possible risks.

It is necessary to take into account in Thailand the high cost of medicine. The cost of one visit to the hospital will easily be 100-200 dollars and will be for you much higher than the price of insurance. And buying a policy will save the family’s budget from the cost of treatment.

To decide which firm to pay for its security on a tour trip, pay attention to the bunch of companies with category “Insurer and Assistant.” Insurance sells you a policy in your country. And the same firm concludes a contract to accompany its customers abroad after an insurance case. This escort is carried out by an assisting company – an intermediary between the insured, who needs medical assistance, and hospitals, doctors, and transport companies to take the tourist to the hospital or the doctor’s office. Therefore, you need to search Internet reviews about insurance companies and the best for Thailand assistance.

Insurance for travel to Thailand for winterers

“Winter” Thailand is attractive for a long stay due to the smooth weather (temperature of 30 C and almost without rain), warm, calm sea, beautiful views, and developed infrastructure. For children, swimming in the sea and trying the fresh fruit is enjoyable. Going to the Kingdom of Thailand for a long time with a school-age child will not work, but with children, 2-6 years in this exotic country for the cold season can go for a long period.

If you’re thinking of spending the most frosty and snowy months of the northern hemisphere, for example, in Phuket, you need to pay special attention and caution to the company insurers’ choice. Carefully examine each of the attractive SC conditions, as many insurers may not have a policy if your stay in another country exceeds 6 months, or rather – 180 days. Often the policy is valid if the insured is in the country for up to 90 days. Then, after returning home, the visit to Thailand can be repeated. Long-term insurance will be valid in this case.

What is included in health insurance in Thailand?

When traveling to Thailand, standard health insurance contains almost the same list of options, accepted by the UK. This basic policy provides emergency medical assistance for injuries, treatment in the hospital (exception – exacerbation of existing diseases, allergic manifestations), dentistry (urgent in pain and inflammation, but not prosthetics and prevention of dental diseases), and transport services to the insured.

But basic health insurance for travel to Thailand does not protect in all cases. You can expand the limited set of options when you check out the policy, adding additional to the standard services and thus protecting yourself and the family not only from exacerbation of chronic diseases or injuries but also the consequences of loss or damage to luggage, or financial losses in the event of postponement or cancellation of your flight. You can provide such risks as the loss of documents, civil liability, the need for legal advice, pregnancy complications – insurance companies offer various options, allowing you to choose for yourself an individual insurance program.

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What to do if an insurance case has arrived?

Tour insurance will allow you to save on medical expenses and pay for treatment in the hospital or at the doctor.

When the insurance case comes, the first thing to do is call the counseling center on the number specified in the policy and explain to the employee what happened to you. It is necessary to inform the requested information (for example, the number of the policy, etc.) and insist on an urgent trip to the doctor or clinic. The examination will be carried out, tested, and after consultation, drugs prescribed by the doctor. The operator from the assisting company should call back to report the transport you are assigned to visit a specialist or deliver to the hospital. If the call is not available for a long time, call back again and seek the fastest possible service.

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In case of “accident insurance” can come out, so reimbursing the UK will be only a part of the cost of medical services. For example, a % of the insurance coverage, and then for a broken arm, the payment will be about 100 dollars. And at Thai prices, it is one visit to the doctor. As a result, you may need to pay yourself. Therefore, take out insurance, find out how to cover this or that insurance risk, and choose the best conditions for yourself, even if it will be more expensive.

There are cases in which compensation will not be possible – it is an injury while intoxicated or driving a motorcycle or motor vehicle without a license. And it is worth knowing that even drinking a single mug of beer will lead to the UK’s refusal of reimbursement and almost cancelling the insurance because all patients take blood when going to the hospital. And if the analysis shows the presence of alcohol, the treatment will have to give their own money. For drivers who may find themselves in Thailand behind the wheel, you need not only the right insurance. It is also necessary to specify the appropriate option “Extreme rest” when issuing a policy for each tourist.

How much does insurance cost in Thailand?

To choose an insurance company, you need to focus on the package of services (options) that it offers a tourist to travel to Thailand. The cheapest insurance is basic, but it may not be enough. Among the risks may not be emergency dentistry, repayment of the cost of communication services, and so on. This depends on the proposals of a particular SC.

By adding the right options and specifying the desired amount of reimbursement, you can use the expanded insurance program, protecting yourself and your family from problems with treatment and high costs for it. Of course, the cost of such insurance will be higher than the standard.

For example, basic insurance in Thailand for one tourist for 15 days with 35,000 dollars will cost from $20 from the insurance firms. Extended insurance, taking into account the loss of luggage, civil liability, accidents, and flight delays, will cost from $40 to $150, depending on the chosen company.

Where to buy insurance in Thailand?

It is faster and more profitable to buy a policy on the Internet. Buying online has become extremely popular, as it is cheaper for tourists than the company’s traditional agent. After all, people understand that they pay the cost of the insurance itself and the rent of the insurer’s premises and commissions to his agent. By getting insurance online, the future traveler saves their money. Besides, you can choose the right insurance program by comparing on the website itself.

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