What insurance do you need to travel abroad? A Complete Guide

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Going abroad, you can save a lot by buying a hot tour deal or finding cheap plane tickets – even at a good discount, services usually come through as promised.

But with the question, what insurance to choose for a trip abroad, you need to understand. Many people do not seriously think about insurance and stop at the first offer, not understanding what options are included in the policy. But it is better not to buy the simplest and cheapest insurance of all offered.

Is it worth opening insurance for travel abroad?

Alina M., who has been to Thailand, says:

Although I agreed to insurance, I was distraught because of unnecessary expenses. That’s what I thought when I bought a policy to go abroad. I was sure I wasn’t going to get sick. Then came Thai, and there was completely different water, unfamiliar food, and an unusual climate. It ended with me having to see a doctor. How lucky I am that I was insured in advance! First, my visit to the doctor was arranged quickly. And when I saw the bill for the treatment and realized that the hefty amount would be paid by the insurance company, not me, I was just happy. Now I don’t go without insurance.

Indeed, it is impossible to know in advance how our body will behave in the new conditions. You may need medication or specialist consultation. There are injuries, cancellations, and others – all very real possibilities. And travel insurance covers a lot of risks. With it you can be confident when going to even the most remote countries.

Health insurance when traveling is essential for independent tourists – they are responsible for their holidays and their safety. Not to mention, without which all the costs will have to be borne by themselves. Therefore, the issue of purchasing a policy should be considered seriously, and not pushed in a half hour to choose and buy suitable insurance.

Travelers on a package tour do not think much about insurance – the traveler’s health insurance is already in the tour price. But even here often there are problems when there is some unforeseen event, which is not provided in the basic policy. It is necessary to read the insurance contract and understand which options are included and which are not.

Is it possible not to buy insurance before leaving?

It all depends on the country where the trip is planned. Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Thailand, and even Australia and Canada don’t need to have insurance when traveling abroad.

But, first, in some countries where a visa is required, because of the lack of a policy, the embassy may not give it – they have such a right. Second, there may be unforeseen situations and problems, which will be costly to cope with on their own, especially if you have to take on treatment payment.

From the experience of the seasoned tourist Igor V.:

Both I and relatives often rest in Asian countries. There we have constantly: bites of some insects, overheating, skin problems. But the main problem is their medicine if you go without insurance. You can get care somewhere, but when it’s time to find doctors, the prices are considerable. At first, on the first trip, we got used to it and spent it. But now – only with a policy. And no problem.

One of the rules of vacationers abroad: be sure to issue at least medical insurance before the trip. It should be designed for the entire trip and each traveling company – for all family members or friends.

How does the Traveler’s Insurance System work?

You only buy a policy from an insurance company. During the trip, when you’re need of help on the spot, you will have to go through the service company – assistant. Its representatives will have to select a clinic, deal with transportation issues, rebook flights – the company-assistants have the task of ensuring all interactions for the insurance case go smoothly.

Therefore, before you use the insurance company’s services and buy a policy from it, you need to see what assists are included in the contracts. And then carefully examine the reviews about these intermediary companies – how satisfied they are, what they write about the work of service companies in a particular country, and where you have planned to go.

There are two types of insurance reimbursement:

  • Service. It will be necessary to call the assistant, whose employees will agree on transport, contact the hospital, and solve other related issues, and the insurance company will be left to directly transfer money to the clinic, the company-carrier, etc. This method is more convenient. It is more common and economical.
  • Compensation. Here you will pay all expenses, collecting receipts, checks, and contracts. Then, having already returned from the trip, these documents should be provided to the insurer to pay the refund. This option for tourists is more troublesome and not always convenient.

What insurance to choose and what to pay attention to?

Often future tourists believe that there is no difference where to be insured to go abroad – the policy of many companies is about the same. But companies with large and well-known insurance will be more expensive. Still, they are usually more profitable – a wider list of risks, more interesting conditions, well-established interaction with the assistants, and a long history of payment for compensation.

Deciding where it is better to insure, you need to focus not only on the cost. You should choose the best option that covers the risks that are appropriate for your case. Basic health insurance will reimburse the costs of calling a doctor, medicines and treatment, transportation, and phone calls with a service firm. But more often than not, the basic policy is not enough.

So what kind of insurance should you choose to travel abroad? According to the recommendations of experienced travelers, the contract should include insurance on the following points:

  • Accident. Under the terms and conditions, it can cover not only the necessary treatment but also guarantee compensation.
  • Cancellation of the trip. Your reason for canceling your trip should prove significant for the insurance company to cover the cost of non-refundable tickets and reservations.
  • Compensation in the event of a long flight delay.

To the useful options that affect the insurer’s choice, you can add legal assistance, civil liability insurance, and assistance in the presence of alcohol intoxication. Not all insurers include the last risk in the contracts, but if something happens to a drunk tourist, the absence of such an item can affect the reimbursement – most likely, it will be refused. Insure also travel in a private car, including being towed at a breakdown and delivery of passengers in the event of an accident.

The Best Traveler’s Health Insurance for going abroad

One of the important indicators of insurance choice for those leaving is the ratings of insurers. Contact them before you travel. Among the best is the insurance company ERV, which cooperates with the reliable assistant company euro-Center Holding, founded in 1971 and has 12 branches worldwide. ERV offers protection against many risks for those traveling abroad – more than anyone else. Simultaneously, insurance in ERV when applying for insurance online and choosing an annual package will be the most profitable – their optIMA-Annual package is called the “best-selling company.”